Pole Dancing and Strip-tease Lessons

We currently don’t have any pole dancing or strip-tease lessons running. Please register your interest in future classes by filling the form below.

Yes, you read that correctly. You can now take pole dancing and strip-tease lessons at Regina Revue in Istanbul.

Ladies, you’ve never experienced any exercise like pole dancing. It’s the world’s latest craze, with Hollywood stars frequently telling the world that their favourite hobby and way of exercise is to pole dance and strip-tease. Now it’s a global phenomenon, with world championships, YouTube videos and professional lessons.

As Turkey’s and Istanbul’s leader in strip-tease entertainment, we felt it was our duty to give something to the people. Now you can sign up for pole dancing lessons during the day, to flex every single muscle in your body and perform gravity-defying moves in no time.

Whether you want to impress your boyfriend, husband or friends, or you want something different that running in a commercial gym, pole dancing is what you’re looking for.

Pole dancing

Pole dancing

Strip-tease is a dance art that is also globally recognised and involves aesthetic and finesse in movements. It’s about the complete sexiness of a woman in any situation. Strip-tease lessons in Istanbul are now available to take at Regina Revue.

Fill in the form below with information about how many days and hours of strip-tease lessons or pole dancing lessons you want and let us devise a plan for you.

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